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a member of a people, probably originating in Asia, who settled in Dacia a.d. c555, later occupied Pannonia, and invaded other parts of central and eastern Europe before their decline in the 9th century.
Historical Examples

The Avar Chief was dry in his manner to strangers; and who can wonder at it?
Dariel R. D. Blackmore

The Hun and the Avar had been driven back or swept away from the earth.
The Chief Periods of European History Edward A. Freeman

The Helvetians, and close upon their track the Romans, had already passed the Avar, and the promised grain had not arrived.
Annals of a Fortress E. Viollet-le-Duc

When the sun rose, Orestes was still sitting and drinking with an Avar chief.
Historical Miniatures August Strindberg

Næodunum seems to have undergone no such overthrow as those wrought by the Hun, the Avar, and the Saxon.
Sketches of Travel in Normandy and Maine Edward A. Freeman

The Avar consented; and having become master of the important stronghold, he married Romilda.
Women of the Teutonic Nations Hermann Schoenfeld

She knows now that somebody else pushed her into this Avar, and that she is fighting for somebody else’s cause.
Serbia in Light and Darkness Nikolaj Velimirovic

a member of a people of unknown origin in E Europe from the 6th to the early 9th century ad: crushed by Charlemagne around 800
a member of a people of the Caucasas
the language of this people, belonging to the North-East Caucasian family


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