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Ave maria

(italics) the first two words of the Latin version of a prayer in the Roman Catholic Church, based on the salutation of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary and the words of Elizabeth to her.
a recitation of this prayer.
the bead or beads on a rosary used to count off each prayer as spoken.
Contemporary Examples

A soaring “Ave Maria” and a tender “Danny Boy” marked the passing of two more brothers.
Boston and New York’s Bravest Are Brothers Bonded by Tragedy Michael Daly April 14, 2014

Historical Examples

Yet it seemed to her as though days had elapsed since she sang the Ave Maria in the cathedral.
A German Pompadour Marie Hay

Because of former scandals, it appeared: Martello and Ave Maria.
The Bill-Toppers Andre Castaigne

Come to me this evening about the Ave Maria—or a little earlier.
A Roman Singer F. Marion Crawford

“Yes, I have my proofs,” replied Ave Maria, shaken with a furious cough.
The Bill-Toppers Andre Castaigne

At the familiar syllables of the Ave Maria the shuddering sailors hushed their cries and oaths and listened, on their knees.
Days of the Discoverers L. Lamprey

And then floating over the waters came the sound of the ‘Ave Maria!’
Wanderings in Patagonia Julius Beerbohm

I had had him leave the city Sunday evening at the Ave Maria.
The Old Yellow Book Anonymous

In a moment a soft and sympathetic voice was singing the first notes of Tosti’s ‘Ave Maria.’
The conquest of Rome Matilde Serao

Alisanda made the sign of the cross, and her lips moved in quick prayer: “Ave Maria purisima—”
A Volunteer with Pike Robert Ames Bennet

another name for Hail Mary

modified form of the angelic salutation to the Virgin (Luke i:28) used as a devotional recitation, early 13c., from the opening words (“Ave [Maria] gratia plena”).


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