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1091?–1162, Arab physician and writer in Spain: founder of Almohad dynasty.
Historical Examples

The most famous of the professors were Averroes, Albucasis and Avenzoar.
The Evolution of Modern Medicine William Osler

Ebn Zoar, better known as Avenzoar, may be looked upon as the authority in Moorish pharmacy.
History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume II (of 2) John William Draper

Avenzoar (Ibn Zohr) a little later made numerous important medical and surgical discoveries.
The Moors in Spain Stanley Lane-Poole

Avenzoar speaks of a golden probe for applying salve to the eye and for separating adhesion of the eye to the lid.
Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times John Stewart Milne

Avenzoar Av·en·zo·ar (āv’ən-zō’ər), 1090?-1162.

Spanish-Arab physician and writer whose Practical Manual of Treatments and Diet showed an advanced understanding of the human body based on science rather than speculation.


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