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to assert or affirm with confidence; declare in a positive or peremptory manner.
Law. to allege as a fact.
Historical Examples

He was at the moment a graceful and silencing rebuke to those who aver that manner and attire be interdependent.
The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson

But doth he aver that his people were used to plant fish with the corn?
Standish of Standish Jane G. Austin

Indeed she felt, whatever the Demoiselle might aver, that little option would be given her in the matter.
A Clerk of Oxford Evelyn Everett-Green

It would hardly be correct to aver that I had got it even partly.
My Reminiscences Rabindranath Tagore

You aver that none of you are, mesdames, and we would not call your word in question.
Husks Marion Harland

There will be they who aver that truth is great and should be allowed to prevail.
The Life of Cicero Anthony Trollope

And yet you are an artist, they aver,Heir to the crown of Michelangelo?
An Ocean Tramp William McFee

How could she aver that she did not mean to marry Mr. Ratcliffe?
Democracy An American Novel Henry Adams

I aver it and so will this lady here whom you have doubtless recognised for the one who has stirred this matter up.
Dark Hollow Anna Katherine Green

I am not apt to be confident, & I aver that the matter is so.
As I Remember Marian Gouverneur

verb (transitive) avers, averring, averred
to state positively; assert
(law) to allege as a fact or prove to be true

late 14c., from Old French averer “verify,” from Vulgar Latin *adverare “make true, prove to be true,” from Latin ad- “to” (see ad-) + verus “true” (see very). Related: Averred; averring.


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