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showing great enthusiasm for or interest in:
an avid moviegoer.
Synonyms: enthusiastic, ardent, keen; devoted, dedicated; zealous, fanatic.
Antonyms: indifferent, apathetic; reluctant.
extremely desirous (often followed by for or sometimes of):
avid for pleasure; avid of power.
Synonyms: eager; hungry, greedy, insatiable; covetous.
Antonyms: disdainful, loath.
Contemporary Examples

They also share an avid eye for detail, although this does desert them at a key moment in their book.
Why the CIA Loved ‘Doctor Zhivago’ Kevin Canfield June 25, 2014

Both of my brothers were avid hunters when I was growing up—they still are.
Why I Love Guns Meghan McCain May 13, 2009

Describing by biographers as an avid writer of letters, little of his correspondence appears available to public view.
The True Story of ‘The Elephant Man’ Russell Saunders November 2, 2014

The Dutch teenager, an avid field hockey, soccer, and tennis player, went to rehab, but as the swelling abated, her leg grew numb.
Is It Possible to Become Un-Paralyzed? Monique van der Vorst Says It Happened to Her Sarah J. Robbins December 17, 2011

But Palin, like McGovern, represents an avid, countercultural minority that overestimates its own appeal and overplays its hand.
Run, Sarah, Run! Michelle Goldberg July 22, 2009

Historical Examples

It was just such a venture as his sanguine and inquiring spirit, avid of the unknown, had always dreamed of.
In the Morning of Time Charles G. D. Roberts

He cast a glance about him, his eye, avid with curiosity, held rigidly in restraint.
The Leopard Woman Stewart Edward White

There was a meagre, passionless dulness about the aspect, though at times it quickened into a kind of avid acuteness.
Lucretia, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The “brass hats,” as Blake had foreseen, were avid for details.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930 Various

She looked into Marise’s face with her avid, penetrating gaze, and said, “But you don’t like him!”
Rough-Hewn Dorothy Canfield

very keen; enthusiastic: an avid reader
(postpositive; often foll by for or of) eager (for); desirous (of); greedy (for): avid for revenge

1769, from French avide (15c.), from Latin avidus “longing eagerly, desirous, greedy,” from avere “to desire eagerly.” Also in part a back-formation from avidity. Related: Avidly.


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