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Avoirdupois weight

a system of weight measurement based on a pound of 16 ounces or 7,000 grains, in wide use in English-speaking countries; the system is used for goods other than gems, precious metals, and drugs: 27 11/32 grains = 1 dram; 16 drams = 1 ounce; 16 ounces = 1 pound; 112 pounds (Brit.) or 100 pounds (U.S.) = 1 hundredweight; 20 hundredweight = 1 ton. The pound contains 7000 grains.
Abbreviation: av.; avdp.; avoir.
Historical Examples

A gallon contains 8.33 pounds avoirdupois weight of distilled water.
Practical Mechanics for Boys J. S. Zerbe

One felt that each had measured the other by avoirdupois weight, and had found the balance even.
The Lowest Rung Mary Cholmondeley

Most people give gratitude in grains for whole ounces of avoirdupois weight; what a grateful soul yours is, Miss Lambert.’
Heriot’s Choice Rosa Nouchette Carey

Throughout this book, the pound is avoirdupois weight—sixteen ounces.
Miss Leslie’s Lady’s New Receipt-Book Eliza Leslie

One must weigh men by avoirdupois weight, and not by the jeweller’s scales.
Dictionary of Quotations from Ancient and Modern, English and Foreign Sources James Wood

avoirdupois weight n.
A system of weights and measures based on a pound containing 16 ounces or 7,000 grains and equal to 453.59 grams.
avoirdupois weight
A system of weights and measures based on a pound containing 16 ounces or 7,000 grains, and equal to 453.59 grams. Avoirdupois weight is used in the United States to weigh everything except gems, precious metals, and drugs. Compare troy weight.


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