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for a short time or period:
Stay awhile.
Contemporary Examples

I think for awhile he thought he had to go to every party in Washington.
The Education of Luke Russert Howard Kurtz December 5, 2010

Perhaps, once in awhile, scarcity will breed rational thinking, too.
Explosion of Cute: Inside the Superfan Mania of Hello Kitty Con 2014 Sarah Bay Williams November 1, 2014

FoxFaith, established in 2006 by Twentieth Century-Fox, flew under the radar for awhile, and died a quick death.
Bible Flicks Move Beyond the B-List Lewis Beale August 2, 2014

And once in awhile, of course, someone makes the great leap into politics.
The Media Fantasize About Ben Affleck Vying for John Kerry’s Seat Lauren Ashburn December 21, 2012

I wanted to do a movie about the Bronner Brothers Hair Show for awhile—I had that idea like 15 years ago.
Chris Rock: Beauty School Drop-in Karina Longworth January 22, 2009

Historical Examples

He is so uneasy about his mother, I see, that he will not leave her yet awhile.
Deerbrook Harriet Martineau

But I kept looking and after awhile I was able to sit up and ask what hit me.
The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson

For awhile hope and fear kept him in a state bordering on distraction.
Nature and Art Mrs. Inchbald

After awhile the master and mistress arrived, it seems, from a visit.
Biography of a Slave Charles Thompson

The air’s been full of it lately, but I guess Sunday’s doings will give the folks a new subject for awhile.
The Fourth Watch H. A. Cody

for a brief period

Old English ane hwile “(for) a while” (see while (n.)); usually written as one word since 13c.


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