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(Austral) a nightjar of northern Queensland and New Guinea with a cry that sounds like a chopping axe


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    noun (Austral) an Australian oleaceous tree, Notelaea longifolia, yielding very hard timber Historical Examples In fact, its name is derived from two Portuguese words meaning “axe-breaker.” Leather K. J. Adcock

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    Axel Hugo Teodor [ahk-suh l hoo-goh te-oh-dawr] /ˈɑk səl ˈhu goʊ ˈtɛ oʊˌdɔr/ (Show IPA), 1903–82, Swedish biochemist: Nobel Prize in medicine 1955. Theorell The·o·rell (tā’ə-rěl’), Axel Hugo Theodor. 1903-1982. Swedish biochemist. He won a 1955 Nobel Prize for research on the oxidation of enzymes.

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