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a jump performed by a skater leaping from the front outer edge of one skate into the air to make 1½ rotations of the body and landing on the back outer edge of the other skate.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Is an Adrian or an Austin more likely to be sensitive; an axel more of a renegade; an Andrew more of an old-fashioned guy?
2010’s Hot Boy Baby Name Trend Pamela Redmond Satran/Nameberry November 8, 2010

Four prisoners, axel and Oscar (who turned out to be good guys) and Tomas and Andrew (thugs), all died as well.
A Primer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Four Premiere Melissa Leon October 10, 2013

Historical Examples

Nor was there anything the matter; only that blind look on axel’s face, and the strange feeling in her heart.
The Benefactress Elizabeth Beauchamp

As soon as she hears of axel she will sure cover you with honours.’
Penshurst Castle Emma Marshall

“Pictures and churches and gondolas are all very well; but I shall like a gossip with a friend better still,” wrote Sir axel.
Mrs. Maxon Protests Anthony Hope

axel, believe me, I have never felt for you what I now feel.
August Strindberg, the Spirit of Revolt L. (Lizzy) Lind-af-Hageby

She was actually on the verge of criticising, to axel, the behaviour of her sisters.
The Benefactress Elizabeth Beauchamp

And she seemed to like Sir axel’s company—as, indeed, most people would.
Mrs. Maxon Protests Anthony Hope

If axel were losing much by this, Manske would be weeping into his bucket instead of smiling so kindly at us.
The Benefactress Elizabeth Beauchamp

But Sir axel and his assiduity enhanced her value and buttressed her independence.
Mrs. Maxon Protests Anthony Hope

(skating) a jump in which the skater takes off from the forward outside edge of one skate, makes one and a half, two and a half, or three and a half turns in the air, and lands on the backward outside edge of the other skate

skating jump, 1930, named for Norwegian skater Axel Paulsen (1855-1938).


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