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Julius, 1912–2004, U.S. biochemist and pharmacologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1970.
Contemporary Examples

“I was brushing tears away myself,” said Axelrod, affirming the emotional power of the moment.
Sunday Talk: Dianne Feinstein, Lindsey Graham & Bob Woodward on the Petraeus Aftershocks (Video) Ben Teitelbaum, Sara Gilford November 10, 2012

“At that moment I realized why they had to change the joke,” Axelrod recalled.
Obama Woos Liberal Elite Lloyd Grove June 28, 2011

I only own one suit, but I wore it every time I went to the White House (note to Axelrod: get one).
The New Civility Mark McKinnon November 10, 2008

“Nobody is bashing business,” Axelrod insisted, to boos from the audience.
Obama Woos Liberal Elite Lloyd Grove June 28, 2011

Axelrod knows nothing about this, and worse, Emanuel thinks he does because he lived in Israel.
Fire the Mideast Policy Team! Leslie H. Gelb July 6, 2010

Axelrod knows full well the history of our midterm elections and why anger matters.
Democrats, You Better Get Angry or You’ll Lose Congress Dean Obeidallah April 22, 2014

Axelrod had in many ways created Barack Obama as a candidate.
No Drama Obama’s Dramatic 2012 Reelection Campaign Richard Wolffe September 11, 2013

These efforts are gaining momentum here,” Axelrod went on, “and will add momentum to the [negotiation] process.
Testing the Strength of J Street’s American Political Friendships Emily L. Hauser November 11, 2013

And since Axelrod selected and controlled the message teams, consensus was generally what Obama got.
No Drama Obama’s Dramatic 2012 Reelection Campaign Richard Wolffe September 11, 2013

Historical Examples

We also had a dentist, Dr. Axelrod, to whom I went a couple of times.
The Biography of a Rabbit Roy Benson

Julius. 1912–2004, US neuropharmacologist, renowned for his work on catecholamines. Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (with von Euler and Bernard Katz) 1970

Axelrod Ax·el·rod (āk’səl-rŏd’), Julius. Born 1912.

American biochemist and pharmacologist. He shared a 1970 Nobel Prize for studies of the ways in which different substances affect neural impulses.


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