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Axial point

axial point

axial point n.
See nodal point.


Read Also:

  • Axial strain

    axial strain axial strain (āk’sē-əl) See under strain.

  • Axial vector

    noun another name for pseudovector

  • Axial skeleton

    the skeleton of the head and trunk. Historical Examples The pectoral girdle lies external to the ribs, and has no bony attachment to the axial skeleton. The Vertebrate Skeleton Sidney H. Reynolds The axial skeleton is generally long, and that of the limbs frequently comparatively short, or sometimes absent. The Vertebrate Skeleton Sidney H. Reynolds […]

  • Axiality

    of, pertaining to, characterized by, or forming an axis: an axial relationship. situated in or on an axis. adjective relating to, forming, or characteristic of an axis situated in, on, or along an axis adj. “pertaining to an axis,” by 1825, from axis + -al (1). Related: Axially. axial ax·i·al (āk’sē-əl) adj. Relating to or […]

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