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Axonometric projection

designating a method of projection (axonometric projection) in which a three-dimensional object is represented by a drawing (axonometric drawing) having all axes drawn to exact scale, resulting in the optical distortion of diagonals and curves.
Compare cabinet (def 19), isometric (def 5), oblique (def 13).
a geometric drawing of an object, such as a building, in three dimensions showing the verticals and horizontals projected to scale but with diagonals and curves distorted, so that the whole appears inclined

1869, from axonometry (1865), from Greek axon (see axis) + metria “measurement” (see -metry).


Read Also:

  • Axonometry

    noun the branch of crystallography concerned with measurement of the axes of crystals

  • Axonotmesis

    axonotmesis axonotmesis ax·on·ot·me·sis (āk’sə-nŏt-mē’sĭs) n. Damage to nerve cells that destroys the axons but that does not destroy the supporting structures of the cells, making regeneration possible.

  • Axopetal

    axopetal axopetal ax·op·e·tal (āk-sŏp’ĭ-tl) adj. Relating to nerve impulses transmitted along an axon toward the body of a nerve cell.

  • Axoplasm

    cytoplasm within an axon. axoplasm ax·o·plasm (āk’sə-plāz’əm) or ax·i·o·plasm (āk’sē-ə-) n. The cytoplasm of an axon.

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