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Ayn rand

[ahyn] /aɪn/ (Show IPA), 1905–82, U.S. novelist and essayist, born in Russia.
Contemporary Examples

This quote is supposed to confirm Thatcher as an anti-social radical individualist of the ayn rand distemper.
Context for Margaret Thatcher’s ‘There is No Such Thing as Society’ Remarks David Frum April 7, 2013

And chances are that if you wanted to do well in that final, citing ayn rand wasn’t the best strategy.
Ben Shapiro Is One Mad Dude Justin Green January 11, 2013

This language has migrated from ayn rand style libertarianism into mainstream conservatism.
A Desperate Defense of Capitalism David Frum May 1, 2012

In his ayn rand fantasy world, “freedom” trumps everything, including civilization, nation, patriotism, industry, and culture.
Conservatives Should (and Must) Support Policies of Pro-Natalism Justin Green March 6, 2013

No one who got into politics because of some arrested-development reaction to reading ayn rand is pro-government.
Why, by Definition, Republicans Have to Lie Michael Tomasky August 14, 2012

Junk the ayn rand rhetoric about moochers and takers and spare a compassionate word for the unemployed.
Rubio: New Tone, Familiar Ideas David Frum February 12, 2013

Around the same time, the not-so-fresh-faced ayn rand was asked to provide producer Hal Wallis with a few ideas on the subject.
Great Weekend Reads The Daily Beast April 22, 2011

the standard monetary unit of the Republic of South Africa, divided into 100 cents
(shoemaking) a leather strip put in the heel of a shoe before the lifts are put on

a strip or margin; border
a strip of cloth; selvage

the Rand, short for Witwatersrand

“rocky ridge overlooking a river valley,” 1839, South African English, from Afrikaans, from Dutch rand “edge, margin,” cognate with Old English rand “brink, bank.” As a unit of currency, adopted by the Republic of South Africa in 1961 (see Krugerrand). Johnson’s dictionary has rand “Border; seam: as the rand of a woman’s shoe.”
research and development


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