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an orange-red, crystalline, water-insoluble powder, C 12 H 10 N 2 , obtained from nitrobenzene by reduction: used chiefly in the manufacture of dyes and as an insecticide.
Historical Examples

The parent substance is “azobenzene,” and these three colouring-matters are mono-, di- and triamido-azobenzene respectively.
Coal Raphael Meldola

a yellow or orange crystalline solid used mainly in the manufacture of dyes. Formula: C6H5N:NC6H5
any organic compound that is a substituted derivative of azobenzene


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    any of a large class of dyes containing one or more azo groups. noun any of a class of artificial dyes that contain the azo group. They are usually red, brown, or yellow and are obtained from aromatic amines

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    azo group. the bivalent group −N=N− united to two aromatic groups, as in azobenzene.

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    the bivalent group −N=N− united to two aromatic groups, as in azobenzene.

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