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of or relating to azote; nitric.
Historical Examples

In deflagration with nitre, azotic gas is likewise disengaged, because azote is one of the constituent elements of nitric acid.
Elements of Chemistry, Antoine Lavoisier

The other substances, azotic acid and potash, were all at his disposal.
Abandoned Jules Verne

During this operation, a large quantity of oxygen gas, mixed with a small proportion of azotic gas, is disengaged.
Elements of Chemistry, Antoine Lavoisier

A number of glass bottles were made and filled with azotic acid.
Abandoned Jules Verne

But, after all, how was he going to employ this azotic acid?
The Mysterious Island Jules Verne

In default of fulminate, he could easily obtain a substance similar to guncotton, since he had azotic acid at his disposal.
The Mysterious Island Jules Verne

This taste is caused by the azotic acid formed from the oxygen and azote of the atmosphere.
Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, No. 455 Various

The other faces of the cube or cylinder of copper used are coated, and the copper placed in a bath of azotic acid.
Book Repair and Restoration Mitchell Buck

This was ascribed to the union of the azotic part of the atmosphere with the effused pus in Sect.
Zoonomia, Vol. II Erasmus Darwin

Cyrus Harding then took two slips of zinc, one of which was plunged into azotic acid, the other into a solution of potash.
Abandoned Jules Verne

of, containing, or concerned with nitrogen


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