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a blue-green ornamental stone consisting of a mixture of azurite and malachite.


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  • Azurophil

    azurophil azurophil a·zu·ro·phil (ā-zhur’ə-fĭl’, āzh’ə-rō-fĭl’) or a·zu·ro·phile (-fīl’, -fĭl’) adj. Staining readily with an azure dye. Used especially in reference to certain cytoplasmic granules in white blood cells.

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    a city in SW California, near Los Angeles.

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    azygogram azygogram az·y·go·gram (āz’ĭ-gə-grām’) n. The radiographic image obtained by azygography.

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    azygography azygography az·y·gog·ra·phy (āz’ĭ-gŏg’rə-fē) n. The radiographic visualization of the azygos venous system following the injection of a radiopaque contrast medium.

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