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  • B.a.a.

    Bachelor of Applied Arts.

  • B.a.a.e.

    Bachelor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

  • Lockwood

    Belva Ann Bennett [bel-vuh] /ˈbɛl və/ (Show IPA), 1830–1917, U.S. lawyer and women’s-rights activist. Historical Examples “There’s a fella over on the east side you ought to meet,” Lockwood explained. Erik Dorn Ben Hecht Could anyone remain two weeks in Radville and not hear of Miss Lockwood? The Fortune Hunter Louis Joseph Vance The two […]

  • Cerf

    Bennett (Alfred) 1898–1971, U.S. book publisher, editor, and writer. Contemporary Examples By the time Cerf died, in 1971, he realized to his regret that synergy was a siren that had swallowed him whole. Why Random and Penguin Must Merge—And When They Almost Did Gayle Feldman November 8, 2012 But Cerf was speaking back in 2006, […]

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