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B and d

bondage and discipline: used in reference to sadomasochistic sexual practices.

noun phrase

Bondage and discipline; sadomasochistic sexual practice; s and m (1960s+)


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  • B and e

    Law. the crime of breaking and entering: two of the elements of the crime of burglary.

  • B and s

    noun (Austral, informal) a dance held for young people in country areas, usually in a field or barn

  • B and w

    (of a motion picture, photograph, drawing, etc.) black and white, as distinguished from color. a black and white motion picture, photograph, drawing, etc.

  • Androuet du cerceau

    Jacques [zhahk] /ʒɑk/ (Show IPA), (Jacques Androuet) c1510–84, architect, author, and illustrator of architectural books. his sons, Baptiste [ba-teest] /baˈtist/ (Show IPA), c1544–1602, and Jacques, died 1614, French architects. Jean [zhahn] /ʒɑ̃/ (Show IPA), died c1650, architectural designer (son of Baptiste Androuet du Cerceau). Androuet [ahn-droo-e] /ɑ̃ druˈɛ/ (Show IPA), Androuet du Cerceau.

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