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B & f

b & f
building and facilities


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    aztreonam aztreonam az·tre·o·nam (āz-trē’ə-nām’) n. A synthetic bactericidal antibiotic that acts against a wide spectrum of gram-negative aerobic pathogens.

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    a member of a Nahuatl-speaking state in central Mexico that was conquered by Cortés in 1521. Also called classical Nahuatl. the variety of Nahuatl that served as the medium of Aztec civilization, aboriginally written in a chiefly pictographic script. Compare Nahuatl (def 2). the Nahuatl language. Contemporary Examples Before the 16thcentury, Spanish conquest, the aztecs […]

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    a U.S. long-range bomber, having sweptback wings and a subsonic cruising speed.

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    Flying Fortress. Contemporary Examples They calmed down when Cronkite informed them his ass had been over the Channel and back in a B-17. The Story of the American Journalists Who Landed on D-Day Timothy M. Gay June 5, 2012 Historical Examples Of course, the B-36 is much more complicated to build than the B-17, and […]

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