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an East Indian swine, Babyrousa babyrussa, the male of which has upper canine teeth growing upward through the roof of the mouth and curving toward the eyes, and lower canine teeth growing upward outside the upper jaw.
Historical Examples

At this time the babirusa may have entered Bouru, since it probably swims as well as its allies the pigs.
The Malay Archipelago Alfred Russell Wallace

I also obtained a skull of the babirusa, one specimen of which was killed by native hunters during my residence at Cajeli.
The Malay Archipelago Alfred Russell Wallace

Unlike ordinary wild pigs, the babirusa produces uniformly coloured young.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1 Various

Next day we started with our friend into the neighbouring forest, in chase of the babirusa or pig-deer.
In the Eastern Seas W.H.G. Kingston

a wild pig, Babyrousa babyrussa, inhabiting marshy forests in Indonesia. It has an almost hairless wrinkled skin and enormous curved canine teeth


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