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Roger Ward, 1875–1967, U.S. statistician and businessman.
Contemporary Examples

And as this map shows, there are now five Soofas in Boston proper as well as two in the suburb of Babson.
Parks and Regeneration The Daily Beast November 2, 2014

Historical Examples

Babson was less jocular with Una than with the bouncing girls who were natives of Harlem.
The Job Sinclair Lewis

“I wonder if there’s any chance to get on here,” went on Babson.
Joe Strong, the Boy Fish Vance Barnum

You all know who Babson is, the biggest stock-market advertiser in the country.
The Clarion Samuel Hopkins Adams

Joe and Babson stood looking in admiration at the swimming seal.
Joe Strong, the Boy Fish Vance Barnum

There were the Babson girls just a few pews in front of Randy.
Randy’s Summer Amy Brooks

“I will grant her that privilege,” agreed Judge Babson with internal relief.
By Advice of Counsel Arthur Train

He reached it just as Judge Babson and his attendant were coming into the courtroom and the crowd were making obeisance.
Tutt and Mr. Tutt Arthur Train

They were a grand little pair of convictors, were Babson and O’Brien, and woe unto that man who was brought before them.
Tutt and Mr. Tutt Arthur Train

“You call her,” suggested Babson, who had been watching the proceedings.
Joe Strong, the Boy Fish Vance Barnum


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