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a female bacchant.
Historical Examples

The eyes and hair are painted, and in one instance the features of a bacchante can be recognized.
Pompeii, Its Life and Art August Mau

This was met by a counter taunt from us, “‘Iron Duke’ can do ‘bacchante’—200 dollars.”
In Eastern Seas J. J. Smith

She was some beauty—like the picture of Lady Hamilton dressed as a bacchante.
Sonia Between two Worlds Stephen McKenna

At the head of the procession is a bacchante, riding on a panther.
Pompeii, Its Life and Art August Mau

There was the frenzy of a bacchante in her eyes, and her teeth gleamed between the lips parted with a smile of cruel glee.
The Works of Honor de Balzac Honor de Balzac

There was no mistaking the earnestness of the bacchante’s fire.
Australia in Arms Phillip F.E. Schuler

The bacchante did some splendid firing, right into the trenches every time.
Five Months at Anzac Joseph Lievesley Beeston

Diana was there in heaven; his bacchante was beside him lying on the horses pinions.
Life of John Keats William Michael Rossetti

In the background a bacchante sounds her tympanum, and invites the followers of the god to descend from the mountains.
Museum of Antiquity L. W. Yaggy

When the bacchante of revenge awakes, it is with milder feelings in her heart: ‘O brother mine, Matteo!
Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece John Addington Symonds

noun (pl) bacchantes (bəˈkæntɪz)
a priestess or female votary of Bacchus
a drunken female reveller


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