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to defer to a later date, as wages, benefits, or costs:
The union agreed to back-load pay raises.


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    a reserve or accumulation, as of stock, work, or business: a backlog of business orders. a large log at the back of a hearth to keep up a fire. Compare forestick. to hold in reserve, as for future handling or repair. to enter and acknowledge (an order) for future shipment. to accumulate in a backlog: […]

  • Back-propagation

    back-propagation (Or “backpropagation”) A learning algorithm for modifying a feed-forward neural network which minimises a continuous “error function” or “objective function.” Back-propagation is a “gradient descent” method of training in that it uses gradient information to modify the network weights to decrease the value of the error function on subsequent tests of the inputs. Other […]

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    an automobile passenger who offers the driver unsolicited advice, warnings, criticism, etc., especially from the backseat. any person who, by means of criticism, unsolicited advice, or the like, interferes in affairs that are not his or her concern or responsibility. noun (informal) a passenger in a car who offers unwanted advice to the driver a […]

  • Back-slapper

    the practice of making a loud and effusive display of friendliness, cordiality, etc., as by slapping persons on the back. noun A demonstratively friendly person: Bob and Bill, they’re back-slappers (1924+)

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