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Back room

a room located in the rear, especially one used only by certain people.
a place where powerful or influential persons, especially politicians, meet to plan secretly or from which they exercise control in an indirect manner:
The candidate for mayor was chosen in the precincts’ back rooms.
Contemporary Examples

I asked him to take me into the back room and explain the decision to vote for the treaty.
GOP Opposes Broadly Supported Treaty—Again Ryan Prior June 20, 2012

He enters a back room, sits at a round café table and sips from a bottle of mineral water.
The Stacks: The Neville Brothers Stake Their Claim as Bards of the Bayou John Ed Bradley April 26, 2014

When Jasaroska put up a fight, he offered to move them into a back room.
American Gypsies Are a Persecuted Minority That Is Starting to Fight Back Nina Strochlic December 21, 2013

He hesitated, glanced at a colleague, and led me to a back room where there was a watercooler.
Ciao, Roma! Hello, Newark! James Atlas January 5, 2011

The crowd swarmed Harris as she gracefully disappeared into a back room.
The Nail-Biter Race in California Gina Piccalo November 2, 2010

Historical Examples

“We can go into the back room,” I heard him say, and he closed the door.
The Case of Jennie Brice Mary Roberts Rinehart

Anyhow, come around to the back room at Blinkey’s to-night, and we’ll have a talk.
Within the Law Marvin Dana

They slinked down the alley and seeing a light in the back room of a store, Fenn stopped and went up to peer in.
In the Heart of a Fool William Allen White

The back room was converted then into both kitchen and dining room.
The Stark Munro Letters J. Stark Munro

In a back room others were playing checkers and disputing noisily.
The Window at the White Cat Mary Roberts Rinehart


a place where research or planning is done, esp secret research in wartime
(as modifier): back-room boys


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