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to backtrack.
Historical Examples

An’ I waited there all afternoon till dark, expectin’ mebbe they’d back-trail.
The Man of the Forest Zane Grey

“But, Jim, I’ll never be able to find the back-trail,” said Joan.
The Border Legion Zane Grey

After a while the foot-fall again gained upon him, and once more the walk merged into the interminable jog-jog of the back-trail.
Ben Blair Will Lillibridge

And with a sigh, she replaced the packet in the bag, and returned to her scrutiny of the back-trail.
Snowdrift James B. Hendryx

I don’t like to back-trail, anyway; it’s a bad habit to get into.
They of the High Trails Hamlin Garland

Left alone, I turned my horse and drove the pack-ponies along our back-trail.
The Young Forester Zane Grey

She fled, stumbled, stood still in the entrance to the back-trail.
Sacrifice Stephen French Whitman

When they started the actions of the dog showed Hare that Wolf was not tracking a back-trail, but travelling by instinct.
The Heritage of the Desert Zane Grey

The hounds had gotten on his back-trail, staying on it until it grew cold, then had left it.
Tales of lonely trails Zane Grey

But Joe Pete merely shrugged, and started the dogs, whereupon Brent faced about and started over the back-trail.
Snowdrift James B. Hendryx


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