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a pain, especially in the lumbar region of the back, usually caused by the strain of a muscle or ligament.
Historical Examples

After headache, backache, and loss of appetite comes usually a mild diarrhœa.
Preventable Diseases Woods Hutchinson

Did a man ever have a backache like the dragging, pulling, tearing ache of a woman?
Treatise on the Diseases of Women Lydia E. Pinkham

At the hundred and twentieth or thirtieth patient the backache came on horribly.
At the Court of the Amr John Alfred Gray

The fireplace is high so that one tending it does not have to stoop and get a backache.
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties D.C. Beard

I have such a weakness across me most of the time—have backache, am very nervous, and am troubled with leucorrhœa.
Treatise on the Diseases of Women Lydia E. Pinkham

I had headache and backache and I cannot tell what aches besides.
Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales Hans Christian Andersen

backache, especially across the hips, is a common accompaniment of this disease.
Herself E. B. Lowry

After digging for half-an-hour or so, get her to rub your back with any of the backache cures.
Three Elephant Power Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson

The backache of the later months of expectancy is very annoying and often spoils an otherwise restful night’s sleep.
The Mother and Her Child William S. Sadler

These may be cleaned and handled without giving the backache to women.
The Upward Path Various

an ache or pain in one’s back

backache back·ache (bāk’āk’)
Discomfort or a pain in the region of the back or spine.


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