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any of the members of a legislature, especially of the House of Commons of Great Britain, but not including the leaders of the parties.
Contemporary Examples

In truth, Gingrich was a backbencher during the Reagan years, lobbing bombshells at the White House in addition to Democrats.
Reagan’s Party No More Eleanor Clift August 31, 2011

(Brit & Austral, NZ) a Member of Parliament who does not hold office in the government or opposition

1874 in the House of Commons sense, from back (adj.) + bench (n.); occupants of the rear seats being the least-prominent politicians.


An occupant of a rear seat in a legislature; an obscure legislator •Still chiefly British: No one I know of in modern times has gone from being a backbencher to being this much in the center of things in that short a time (1874+ British)


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