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a building behind the main building, often serving a subsidiary purpose.
a privy; outhouse.
Historical Examples

Woldest thou not driue them in to the contrey, & put the one to the backhouse, the other to the plowe.
The Education of Children Desiderius Erasmus

Broadfoot, backhouse, and Fenwick rallied and reanimated them.
Our Soldiers W.H.G. Kingston

“Better let me carry her up now without moving her,” said Mr. Norton, as Mrs. backhouse tried to take the little bundle from him.
Milly and Olly Mrs. Humphry Ward

It is said by backhouse, that his parties killed thirty, and captured five.
The History of Tasmania , Volume II (of 2) John West

Then Mrs. backhouse put Milly at one end of the table, while she began to pour out tea at the other, and the feast began.
Milly and Olly Mrs. Humphry Ward

“My friend Mr. backhouse,” said Lowndes, introducing the red-nosed man.
Young Blood E. W. Hornung

backhouse replied that he was ignorant of the Spaniardsʼ statutes or laws, but that he knew the Governor was the Archbishop.
The Philippine Islands John Foreman

I’m sorry to trouble you, Mr. backhouse, but can you tell me where I can find him?
Young Blood E. W. Hornung

So on they went again, Mr. Norton still carrying Becky, and Mr. backhouse helping his wife along.
Milly and Olly Mrs. Humphry Ward

It was afterwards independently discovered by backhouse, and Barnard.
Astronomical Curiosities J. Ellard Gore

(Canadian) another word for outhouse


An outdoor toilet house without plumbing; outhouse; fireless cooker, privy (mid-1800s+)


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