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Bad lands

a barren, severely eroded region in SW South Dakota and NW Nebraska.
Historical Examples

Vesta was firm in her intention of giving up the ranch and leaving the Bad Lands as soon as she could sell the cattle.
The Duke Of Chimney Butte G. W. Ogden

Bad Lands they were, for man or beast, and Bad Lands they remained.
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands H. Hagedorn.

Suddenly, without a moment’s hesitation he turned into a side coulee, gained the bench, and headed straight for the Bad Lands.
Prairie Flowers James B. Hendryx

The Marquis loved the Bad Lands; there was no question about that.
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands H. Hagedorn.

Doubtless we were new to his generation; for in the evening dusk we had drifted well into the Bad Lands.
The River and I John G. Neihardt

Behind all his activities in the Bad Lands loomed a grandiose purpose.
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands H. Hagedorn.

An’ when the pilgrim rides into the Bad Lands with the money—well, it’ll be my turn, then.
Prairie Flowers James B. Hendryx

The first shot was aimed at the office of the Bad Lands Cowboy.
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands H. Hagedorn.

As they came into the Bad Lands, he stood on the rear platform of his car, gazing wistfully over the forbidding-looking landscape.
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands H. Hagedorn.

Their horses were gathering speed as they turned them toward the Bad Lands.
‘Me-Smith’ Caroline Lockhart

plural noun
a deeply eroded barren region of SW South Dakota and NW Nebraska


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