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Bad place

Midland and Southern U.S. hell.
Contemporary Examples

The marriage was in a bad place, but we kept sort of bringing it back from the brink.
Suzy Welch’s Decision-Making Secrets Tina Brown April 15, 2009

Manufacturing-related jobs that require a college education probably would not be a bad place to go.
Q&A: Moody’s Makes Sense of the Jobs Numbers Alex Klein July 5, 2012

As such, the U.A.E. is not a bad place to instigate change in the region.
Global Women’s Group Makes a Move Jimmy So September 19, 2011

The official after-party, hosted by NBC/Universal, was a graveyard—although it wasn’t a bad place to catch your breath.
The Golden Globes After-Parties The Daily Beast January 17, 2010

Whatever the case, the drawing board may not be a bad place for Serena to visit.
Why Serena Williams Lost—and How She Can Win Again Nicholas McCarvel June 30, 2013

Historical Examples

On the other hand, Oxford University was not a bad place for the golfer.
Fifty Years of Golf Horace G. Hutchinson

“But town is a bad place for boys, I’m told,” urged the neighbor.
The Widow O’Callaghan’s Boys Gulielma Zollinger

To be sure we have; throth if we hadn’t, this id be a bad place to go a beggin’.
Stories of Comedy Various

“Hochmaringen is near Baden, and not a bad place for the summer,” said Culduff.
The Bramleighs Of Bishop’s Folly Charles James Lever

It would be a bad place for such small craft to be caught in a storm.
Motor Boat Boys on the Great Lakes Louis Arundel


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