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Sir Douglas. 1910–82, British fighter pilot. Despite losing both legs after a flying accident (1931), he became a national hero as a pilot in World War II
Contemporary Examples

In order for us to be successful as party,” bader began, “we need to reflect the full diversity of America.
T.W. Shannon Is a Sign of Things to Come in the GOP Ron Christie June 25, 2014

He sent two senior officials, bader and Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, to Beijing in March.
Obama’s Apology Tour Gordon G. Chang September 4, 2010

In effect, bader, now in Beijing as part of the Summers-Donilon delegation, gave the Chinese a veto over American foreign policy.
Obama’s Apology Tour Gordon G. Chang September 4, 2010

Historical Examples

bader and I now rode side by side, and Crowfoot’s gray easily kept the pace.
Old Man Savarin and Other Stories Edward William Thomson

But the Mogul recalled his ambassadors and commenced war upon bader, of which hereafter.
A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume VI Robert Kerr

Crowfoot, bader, and Gray had been running for the stables with the rest.
Old Man Savarin and Other Stories Edward William Thomson

In January, 1877, she accordingly wrote to Mlle. bader requesting her authorization, and received a prompt and kind reply.
Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan Toru Dutt

My horse was in plain distress, but bader’s was nearly done.
Old Man Savarin and Other Stories Edward William Thomson

bader saddled the horse and brought it to the door, when we made him mount and go back with us to General Logan.
Four Years A Scout and Spy E. C. Downs

bader led; the riderless gray thundered beside him; Absalom rode stirrup to stirrup with me.
Old Man Savarin and Other Stories Edward William Thomson


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