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a bandit, outlaw, desperado, etc., especially in the early history of the western U.S.
Historical Examples

This man did his best to reclaim young badman, and was particularly kind to him.
Bunyan James Anthony Froude

Bankruptcy was not the only art by which badman piled up his fortune.
Bunyan James Anthony Froude

We then drew lots, which of us should die; and the chance fell on badman.
The Chronicles of Crime or The New Newgate Calendar. v. 2/2 Camden Pelham

I don’t believe you’re half the badman that you imagine you are.
The Heritage of the Hills Arthur P. Hankins

Well: Let us at this time leave this matter, and return again to Mr. badman.
The Life and Death of Mr Badman John Bunyan

But pray let us return again to Mr. badman and his companions.
The Life and Death of Mr Badman John Bunyan

But Mr. badman wanted not a wicked head to contrive, as well as a wicked heart to do his wickedness.
The Life and Death of Mr Badman John Bunyan

There was Godliness in the house of the first, and that young badman could not endure.
The Life and Death of Mr Badman John Bunyan

Now I conclude, that Mr. badman did die impenitent, and so a death most miserable.
The Life and Death of Mr Badman John Bunyan

But this height of wickedness in Mr. badman, will not yet out of my mind.
The Life and Death of Mr Badman John Bunyan

noun (pl) -men
(mainly US) a hired gunman, outlaw, or criminal


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