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something of little value or importance; a trifle.
a game played on a board having holes at one end into which balls are to be struck with a cue.
a short and light musical composition, typically for the piano.
Historical Examples

This morning I had the “No. 9” towed to the railing of bagatelle by means of its guide rope.
My Airships Alberto Santos-Dumont

I don’t know that there is much soaring upwards in bagatelle.
Is He Popenjoy? Anthony Trollope

In the region of bagatelle in the Argonne two German counterattacks were repulsed.
The Story of the Great War, Volume III (of VIII) Various

But the bagatelle would almost have been better than what occurred.
Is He Popenjoy? Anthony Trollope

It became her town house, whither she removed when she grew tired of Versailles or bagatelle.
Royal Palaces and Parks of France Milburg Francisco Mansfield

He was a member of the Baldwin, the Cavendish, and the bagatelle card clubs.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle

But this is a mere trifle, a bagatelle, to the many other infractions of which he is guilty.
The Mystery of Space Robert T. Browne

After we finished shooting some of us had a game of bagatelle on a table in the gun-room.
The Hand in the Dark Arthur J. Rees

bagatelle was formerly the elegant little palace of the count d’Artois.
The Stranger in France John Carr

I know one to be had a bargain,—a bagatelle,—five hundred naps a-year.
The Parisians, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

something of little value or significance; trifle
a board game in which balls are struck into holes, with pins as obstacles; pinball
another name for bar billiards
a short light piece of music, esp for piano

1630s, “a trifle,” from French bagatelle “knick-knack, bauble, trinket” (16c.), from Italian bagatella “a trifle,” diminutive of Latin baca “berry.” As “a piece of light music,” it is attested from 1827.


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