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a person who packs groceries or other items into bags.
a bag of cloth or plastic attached to a power lawn mower to collect grass as it is cut.
Historical Examples

The elevator buckets carry the crushed feed back to one of the bins or into the bagger.
Farm Mechanics Herbert A. Shearer

He soon showed by knocking a two bagger, but, alas for what followed.
Batting to Win Lester Chadwick

With the bases full Brown slapped a two bagger to center that cleared the bases, three men galloping over the plate in succession.
Baseball Joe, Home Run King Lester Chadwick

At any rate Carlburg knocked a dandy two bagger, and Ted Clay, who followed, duplicated the trick.
Baseball Joe on the School Nine Lester Chadwick

The Reds came to bat full of confidence, and the first man up rapped out as pretty a three bagger as had been pulled off that day.
Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars Lester Chadwick

The bases were filled, two men knocking a one and two bagger respectively and another getting his walking papers.
The Rival Pitchers Lester Chadwick

A weigher, bagger, and a high loader are usually used with a separator.
Farm Engines and How to Run Them James H. Stephenson

Randall could not score in the next inning though Tom knocked a two bagger.
Batting to Win Lester Chadwick

After dealing out three more balls, he tossed Dave Dawson an easy one and Dave swatted it for a two bagger.
Mystery Wings Roy J. Snell

On a clear field it would have been an easy home run, but in accordance with the ground rules it only counted for a two bagger.
Baseball Joe on the Giants Lester Chadwick


mid-15c., “retailer in grain” (as a surname from mid-13c., probably “maker of bags”), also, 1740, “miser;” agent noun from bag (v.). Of persons who bag various things for a living, from 19c.; meaning “machine that puts things in bags” is from 1896.

Related Terms

brown bagger, double-bagger, four-bagger, one-bagger, three-bagger, two-bagger


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