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Bail out on

bail out on

verb phrase

To leave someone behind or in the lurch: bailed out on the book project


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  • Bailout

    the act of parachuting from an aircraft, especially to escape a crash, fire, etc. an instance of coming to the rescue, especially financially: a government bailout of a large company. an alternative, additional choice, or the like: If the highway is jammed, you have two side roads as bailouts. of, relating to, or consisting of […]

  • Bail someone out

    bail someone out verb phrase To get someone out of a difficult plight; relieve someone of debt, embarrassment, etc: I’ll bail you out this time, but next time bring enough money [1970s+; fr paying someone’s bail for release fr confinement]

  • Bail-up

    Cricket. either of the two small bars or sticks laid across the tops of the stumps which form the wicket. British, Australian. a bar, framework, partition, or the like, for confining or separating cows, horses, etc., in a stable. bails, Obsolete. the wall of an outer court of a feudal castle. bail up, Australian. to […]

  • Bail-jumping

    noun the willful failure to appear as required before a judge or court by a person out on bail Examples The prosecutor’s office filed bail-jumping charges today against the man. Word Origin 1881

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