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pastry; pie.
cooked food, especially a meat pie.


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  • Bake-off

    a baking contest in which competitors gather to prepare their specialties for judging. Contemporary Examples Example: “The chicken-parm-off… the guido version of a Bake-Off.” Snooki Dictionary for Her Book, A Shore Thing Jaimie Etkin January 3, 2011 Family Circle Recipe Contest Could the election be decided by Bake-Off? Strangest Presidential Election Predictors: 7-Eleven Coffee Cups […]

  • Bake sale

    a sale of homemade, donated baked goods, as by a church or club to raise money.

  • Bakery

    Also called bakeshop [beyk-shop] /ˈbeɪkˌʃɒp/ (Show IPA). a baker’s shop. a place where baked goods are made. Contemporary Examples Israel worked in the bakery, got his GED, and took college courses, determined to make it outside prison walls. Ex-Prisoners Say Life Term Is Cruel for Teens, As Case Hits High Court Sandra McElwaine March 18, […]

  • Bake ware

    heat-resistant dishes, as of glass or pottery, in which food may be baked; ovenware.

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