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a city in the tribe of Simeon (Josh. 19:3), elsewhere called Bilhah (1 Chr. 4:29) and Baalah (Josh. 15:29).

Historical Examples

Was not an immediate crust of bread for balah Rifkins children more urgent than truth—more vital than honor?
Hungry Hearts Anzia Yezierska

I have no doubt that this is the site of balah of Joshua xix.
Byeways in Palestine James Finn

Bessie Sopolsky and you, balah Rifkin, take out her machine into the hall.
Hungry Hearts Anzia Yezierska

The steamer passed through the balah Lakes; for there are several of them, containing some islands.
Asiatic Breezes Oliver Optic

Bessie Sopolsky and balah Rifkin, their eyes black with tragedy, carried out my machine.
Hungry Hearts Anzia Yezierska

After passing Kantara, the balah Lakes are reached, and the course is marked out in their open surface by a double line of buoys.
Reminiscences of Travel in Australia, America, and Egypt Richard Tangye


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