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a lake in W Hungary: the largest lake in central Europe. About 50 miles (80 km) long; 230 sq. mi. (596 sq. km).
Historical Examples

Between the edges of the fissure the waves of the Balaton plashed softly.
Timar’s Two Worlds Mr Jkai

At such a season Michael arrived at his villa on the Balaton.
Timar’s Two Worlds Mr Jkai

The lake of Balaton is renowned for a splendid kind of fresh-water fish, the Fogas.
Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume V (of X) Various

He got up quickly, bathed as usual in icy water, dressed, and hurried out to see the Balaton.
Timar’s Two Worlds Mr Jkai

As if that was what fogasch swam in the Balaton lake for—that those Germans might eat them!
Timar’s Two Worlds Mr Jkai

Lake Balaton, a large shallow lake in W Hungary. Area: 689 sq km (266 sq miles)


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