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Bald eagle

a large, fish-eating eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, of the U.S. and Canada, having dark golden-brown back and wings, and white plumage on the head and tail in the adult: some recently endangered populations are now recovering.
Contemporary Examples

Besides the bald eagle on the Presidential Seal, who holds 13 arrows in one claw and an olive branch in the other.
The “Smart Power” List Rachel Sklar February 23, 2009

He stops to point out a bald eagle landing on a rock in the river.
Jim Harrison Can Make You a Better Animal John Avlon September 22, 2010

The balding Prince of Wales had a brush with a bald eagle at the Sandringham Flower Show yesterday.
Who You Calling Bald? Prince Meets Eagle Tom Sykes July 31, 2013

Our national symbol may be the bald eagle but it might as well be the moving van—or, previously, the covered wagon.
Do Hometowns Matter? Why Politicians’ Geography Is Becoming Irrelevant April 13, 2012

Historical Examples

The bald eagle gave neither sigh nor groan when he plunged the knife into the heart of his child.
Canadian Crusoes Catherine Parr Traill

You will remain at the ‘bald eagle’ until the train passes on Monday.
Hubert’s Wife Minnie Mary Lee

These may be distinguished from the bald eagle in all plumages by the completely feathered tarsus.
Western Bird Guide Chester A. (Chester Albert) Reed, Harry F. Harvey, and Rex I. Brasher

To these they add the bald eagle, which they say is not a real eagle.
Omaha sociology (1884 N 03 / 1881-1882 (pages 205-370)) James Owen Dorsey

Dark stretches of timber fringe the canyons where the bald eagle, silent as the grave, seeks its prey.
The Sheep Eaters William Alonzo Allen

This agrees with the description which Audubon gives of the nest of the bald eagle.
Wake-Robin John Burroughs

a large eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, of North America, having a white head and tail, a yellow bill, and dark wings and body. It is the US national bird


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