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James, 1924–87, U.S. writer.
James Mark, 1861–1934, U.S. psychologist.
[loh-am-ahy] /loʊˈæm aɪ/ (Show IPA), 1740–1807, U.S. civil engineer and developer of the Baldwin apple.
Matthias William
[muh-thahy-uh s] /məˈθaɪ əs/ (Show IPA), 1795–1866, U.S. inventor, manufacturer, and philanthropist.
Roger, 1884–1981, U.S. advocate of constitutional rights: a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union.
Stanley (1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley) 1867–1947, British statesman: prime minister 1923–24, 1924–29, 1935–37.
a variety of red, or red and yellow, winter apple, grown especially in the northeast U.S.
a town on S Long Island, in SE New York.
a city in W Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.
1058–1118, king of Jerusalem 1100–18: fought in the first crusade.
Contemporary Examples

Here is a screengrab of the rant (Baldwin has since deleted his Twitter, again): Alec Baldwin has a good reason to be upset.
Why Has Paula Deen Been Vilified, While Alec Baldwin’s Been Given a Pass? Marlow Stern June 30, 2013

When I arrived at the bookstore that night, Baldwin was already in front taking questions from the audience.
Stephen Baldwin Tried to Convert Me—Twice Benyamin Cohen February 14, 2009

If Baldwin wins the open Senate seat in Wisconsin, she would become the first openly gay senator.
Gay Politicians Come Out In Force for 2012 Races Allison Yarrow April 25, 2012

Baldwin agrees, and admits she thinks about how historic her Senate win would be.
Gay Politicians Come Out In Force for 2012 Races Allison Yarrow April 25, 2012

From Alec “The Bloviator” Baldwin to “portly pepperpot” Monica Lewinsky, revisit his chief rogue targets.
Page Six’s Biggest Feuds Jacob Bernstein October 7, 2010

Historical Examples

It was under these circumstances that the hermit who men thought resembled Count Baldwin came on the stage.
The Spell of Flanders Edward Neville Vose

Ball is sometimes the shortened form of the once favourite Baldwin.
The Romance of Names Ernest Weekley

These were constructed by the Baldwin Company, of Philadelphia, and include the latest patents in engine building.
My Native Land James Cox

Baldwin was noisy and jocular; Brice silent and ill at ease.
The Ebbing Of The Tide Louis Becke

Baldwin reminded him of the following fact which passed in the grand convention.
Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson

James Arthur. 1924–87, US Black writer, whose works include the novel Go Tell it on the Mountain (1954)
Stanley, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley. 1867–1947, British Conservative statesman: prime minister (1923–24, 1924–29, 1935–37)
1058–1118, crusader and first king of Jerusalem (1100–18), who captured Acre (1104), Beirut (1109), and Sidon (1110)

masc. proper name, from Old French Baldoin (Modern French Baudouin), from a Germanic source, cf. Old High German Baldawin, literally “bold friend,” from bald “bold” (see bold) + wini “friend” (see win). A popular Flemish name, common in England before and after the Conquest.


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