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Ball club

a permanent team of professional or amateur players of a ball game, especially baseball.
a club or similar organization that sponsors and promotes a baseball team.
Contemporary Examples

Two other Ricketts siblings, Todd and Peter, also have a piece of the action with the ball club.
Joe Ricketts’s Retreat From Obama Attack Campaign: Are the Chicago Cubs to Blame? Jim Warren May 17, 2012

Historical Examples

That play carried Detroit off its feet, as a sudden reversal often will a ball club, when things are apparently breaking for it.
Pitching in a Pinch Christy Mathewson

The attitude of the spectators makes a lot of difference to a ball club.
Pitching in a Pinch Christy Mathewson

And now the meddling of the Feds has hurt the value of the ball club.
Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager Burt L. Standish

Gordon told about the letter from Caspar Billings and the formation of the ball club.
The Lucky Seventh Ralph Henry Barbour

Say, they froze you out of our ball club, but why dont you have one of your own?
The Trail Boys on the Plains Jay Winthrop Allen

On nearly every ball club, there are some players who are known in the frank parlance of the profession as “hog wild runners.”
Pitching in a Pinch Christy Mathewson


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