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mild and refreshing; soft; soothing:
balmy weather.
having the qualities of balm; aromatic; fragrant:
balmy leaves.
producing balm:
balmy plants; a balmy shrub.
Informal. crazy; foolish; eccentric.
Historical Examples

In this tranquil town, almost voluptuous in its richness of colour and balminess of atmosphere, you lose yourself in laziness.
Brittany Mortimer Menpes and Dorothy Menpes

The day was lovely and the air had almost the balminess of spring.
Through Scandinavia to Moscow William Seymour Edwards

The day was now rapidly waning, bringing on a balminess of evening such as is found in few places other than Naples.
Dave Darrin on Mediterranean Service H. Irving Hancock

And I remember that she brought in with her some of the sunlight and balminess of the spring day.
The Story of a Child Pierre Loti

It was of no use, sleep forsook his eyes, although he was so tired that he longed for its balminess.
Ralph Denham’s Adventures in Burma George Norway

The air that morning had softened to a balminess like spring.
The Hidden Places Bertrand W. Sinclair

The pride some had felt over the balminess of previous winters was forgotten.
Historic Towns of the Western States Various

The balminess of the still September night made them reluctant to go indoors.
Marjorie Dean, College Senior Pauline Lester

In the sunny clime of North Carolina May comes with all the balminess and soft zephyrs of a more northern summer.
Daniel Boone John S. C. Abbott

adjective balmier, balmiest
(of weather) mild and pleasant
having the qualities of balm; fragrant or soothing
a variant spelling of barmy

c.1500, “delicately fragrant,” from balm + -y (2). Figurative use for “soothing” dates from c.1600; of breezes, air, etc. “mild, fragrant” (combining both earlier senses) it is first attested 1704. Meaning “weak-minded, idiotic,” 1851, is from London slang.


Crazy; insane

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