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(in the Nibelungenlied) a sword seized from the Nibelungs by Siegfried.
Historical Examples

He should have the good sword Balmung as reward, they cried.
Stories of Siegfried Mary MacGregor

He thrust Balmung, his wonderful sword, deep into the monster’s body.
Our Little German Cousin Mary Hazelton Wade

If his war-coat can withstand the stroke of such a sword as Balmung, then I shall not be ashamed to be his underling.
The Story of Siegfried James Baldwin

“Balmung” (for that was the name Siegfried gave the sword) “is the finest weapon man ever made,” he cried.
Our Little German Cousin Mary Hazelton Wade

The bright edge of Balmung gleamed in the darkness one moment, and then it smote the heart of Fafnir as he passed.
The Story of Siegfried James Baldwin

He crouched low down in his hiding-place, and the bare blade of the trusty Balmung glittered in the morning light.
The Story of Siegfried James Baldwin

Gird about you this sword, the good Balmung, and go northward.
The Story of Siegfried James Baldwin

Siegfried sat upon his noble horse Greyfell, and his trusty sword Balmung hung at his side.
The Story of Siegfried James Baldwin

It was named Balmung, and had been tempered by the Nibelungs in their glowing forges underneath the glad green earth.
Stories of Siegfried Mary MacGregor

Balmung, the sword of Siegfried forged by Wieland the smith of the Scandinavian gods.
Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol 1 The Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D.

(in the Nibelungenlied) Siegfried’s sword


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