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a colored woolen petticoat, formerly worn under a skirt and draped so that portions of it could be seen.
(lowercase). Also called bal. an ankle-high shoe, laced in front.
a brimless Scottish cap with a flat top that projects all around the head.
Contemporary Examples

The corgis are an integral part of royal holidays, and are currently in Balmoral.
Royals And Royalist On Vacation Tom Sykes August 8, 2013

He was just reading it as it appeared on autocue and quite enjoyed the royal references to Balmoral and Dumfries House.
How The Royal Weather Forecast Happened Tom Sykes May 10, 2012

They just dont get that there is a reason the Queen has only ever holidayed at her estate in Balmoral in Scotland.
The British Royals Dubious Love Affair With Repressive Kazakhstan Tom Sykes March 27, 2014

Camilla is understood to be with Prince Charles in Scotland on the Balmoral estate.
Camilla’s Brother Died After Falling In Gramercy Park Hotel Revolving Doors Tom Sykes April 23, 2014

This medium was ‘the boy who used to carry my (Albert’s) gun at Balmoral’.
How Queen Victoria’s Affection For John Brown Sprang From His Contact With Dead Albert’s Shade Tom Sykes June 12, 2013

Historical Examples

On the 12th of October her majesty left Balmoral for Windsor.
The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.III. E. Farr and E. H. Nolan

But Sarah was wrong, for when the time came there was no gladness at Balmoral.
Sarah’s School Friend May Baldwin

Balmoral is a country seat she has among the Highlands, far to the north, in the midst of the wildest solitudes.
Rollo in Scotland Jacob Abbott

Meanwhile the night at Balmoral had not been much more restful.
Sarah’s School Friend May Baldwin

The latest tartan, that of Balmoral, was devised by Prince Albert in the year 1848.
The Flags of the World F. Edward Hulme

noun (sometimes not capital)
a laced walking shoe
a 19th-century woollen petticoat, worn showing below the skirt
Also called bluebonnet. a Scottish brimless hat traditionally of dark blue wool with a cockade and plume on one side
a castle in NE Scotland, in SW Aberdeenshire: a private residence of the British sovereign


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