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a city in N Bavaria in S Germany.
Historical Examples

Bishop Otto, of Bamberg, was induced in 1124 to set out as a missionary to Pomerania.
Curiosities of Christian History Croake James

I paid six florins in gold to the boatman who took me from Bamberg to Frankfurt.
Albert Durer T. Sturge Moore

Of these, one is known as the thirty-six line, or Bamberg Bible.
The Story of Nuremberg Cecil Headlam

Then he turned to a book-shop and found a book on Bamberg Cathedral.
The Rainbow D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence

My friend, the tutor of the Government official under whom I had served at Bamberg, had in the meantime left his situation.
Autobiography of Friedrich Froebel Friedrich Froebel

Her body was carried to Bamberg, and buried near that of her husband.
The Lives of the Saints, Volume III (of 16): March Sabine Baring-Gould

A fortnight later he was off again, marching this time towards Bamberg, burning magazines and carrying off supplies.
With Frederick the Great G. A. Henty

My Communist permit was useless, and there was no time to get one from the Bamberg Government.
The New Germany George Young

The Emperor quitted Bamberg on the 8th, at three in the morning, and arrived on the same day at Cronach.
Military Career of Napoleon the Great Montgomery B. Gibbs

He died near Gttingen, in the summer of 1024, and was buried in the Cathedral of Bamberg.
A History of Germany Bayard Taylor

a town in S Germany, in N Bavaria: seat of independent prince-bishops of the Holy Roman Empire (1007–1802). Pop: 69 899 (2003 est)


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