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the seat on which judges sit in court.
in banc, with all the judges of a court present; as a full court:
a hearing in banc.
Historical Examples

Char–banc, shar′-a-bang, n. a long light vehicle with transverse seats.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

In some models these seats stretch back throughout the length of the carriage, in which case it is a char–banc.
Carriages & Coaches Ralph Straus

Here comes a family of peasants on an old broken down char- banc.
Sterminator Vesevo (Vesuvius the great exterminator) Matilde Serao

I remember his having come on foot, and hearing that I should not require my char–banc to return, he engaged it.
Diary And Notes Of Horace Templeton, Esq. Charles James Lever

Mavriky Nikolaevitch and Gaganov arrived on the spot in a smart char–banc with a pair of horses driven by the latter.
The Possessed Fyodor Dostoevsky

The tide was high, and the ragged rocks of the banc des Violets in the south and the Corbiore in the west were all but hidden.
The Battle Of The Strong, Complete Gilbert Parker

The following morning at nine oclock I set out in tolerable weather on a char–banc, drawn by two horses of the country.
Tour in England, Ireland, and France, in the years 1826, 1827, 1828 and 1829. Hermann Pckler-Muskau

From the French banc we borrowed the word to use in the old expression a “bank of oars.”
Stories That Words Tell Us Elizabeth O’Neill

If always sitting among associates in banc, their incompetence would be shielded, he said, by their abler brethren.
Martin Van Buren Edward M. Shepard

She would often ride over on horseback or drive in the char–banc to see us, and would spend whole days with me and my father.
The Darling and Other Stories Anton Chekhov

(law) in banc, sitting as a full court


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