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a strip of cloth or other material used to bind up a wound, sore, sprain, etc.
anything used as a band or ligature.
to bind or cover with a bandage:
to bandage the ankles of a football player to prevent sprains.
to put a bandage on a wound, sprain, etc.:
Apply some iodine before you bandage.
Contemporary Examples

EBay has reported a 200 percent increase in bandage dress sales since spring of last year.
Kim Kardashian Stopped Wearing Bodycon, and So Should You Erin Cunningham June 23, 2014

Nor is it enough to be wearing an Ace bandage that goes halfway down your left thigh.
The City of Underdogs John Connolly September 5, 2009

He was sitting up and was placing a bandage on his bleeding leg, The third man was lying face down in the street.
New Orleans Shooting: I Saw the Mother’s Day Parade Gunman Jarratt Pytell May 12, 2013

Get in, put a bandage over the problem, submit your bill to the insurance company, and get out.
Is Psychiatry Being Stumped By the Mental Illnesses It Has to Treat? Matthew Tiffany August 9, 2013

She groaned, grimaced, and grabbed her left thigh, which had been wrapped, rewrapped, and re-re-wrapped in an Ace bandage.
A Victory for Georgia Mojo Paul Begala September 2, 2009

Historical Examples

Before him was a gentleman who sat on a bale of hay, and he seemed to have a bandage on his foot.
Jack Harkaway in New York Bracebridge Hemyng

Evelyn slipped the bandage, and her eyes rested on Maltravers!
Alice, or The Mysteries, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

He poured in the iodine, and put the bandage round in the best manner possible.
Attack Edward G. D. Liveing

Be soothed, my son; I meant not to tear the bandage from thy wounds.
Calderon The Courtier Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Some form of splint and a Bier’s bandage are valuable adjuncts.
Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities–Head–Neck. Sixth Edition. Alexander Miles

a piece of material used to dress a wound, bind a broken limb, etc
a strip of any soft material used for binding, etc
to cover or bind with a bandage

1590s, from Middle French bandage (16c.), from Old French bander “to bind,” from bande “a strip” (see band (n.1)).

1774, from bandage (n.). Related: Bandaged; bandaging.

bandage band·age (bān’dĭj)
A strip of material such as gauze used to protect, immobilize, compress, or support a wound or injured body part. v. band·aged, band·ag·ing, band·ag·es
To apply a bandage to.


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