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Band list

(Canadian) a list of Canadian Indians formally recognized as belonging to a band See band1 (sense 5)


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  • Bandmaster

    the conductor of a military band, circus band, etc. Historical Examples The brass band, being placed in a circle with the bandmaster in the centre, commenced performing music which was rather mixed. The Mapleson Memoirs, vol II James H. Mapleson The bandmaster was always ready to help us in every way possible. A Soldier’s Life […]

  • Band mill

    a powered machine having two pulleys for a saw band or a file band; band saw. Historical Examples The truck, in connection with a band mill, will furnish a means of utilizing this present waste at a profit to the operator. Motor Truck Logging Methods Frederick Malcolm Knapp

  • Band of hope

    noun a society promoting lifelong abstention from alcohol among young people: founded in Britain in 1847

  • Band-pass filter

    a filter that attenuates all frequencies except those of a specific band, which it amplifies. noun (electronics) a filter that transmits only those currents having a frequency lying within specified limits Compare high-pass filter, low-pass filter an optical device, consisting of absorbing filters, for transmitting electromagnetic waves of predetermined wavelengths

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