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Band shell

a concave, acoustically resonant structure at the back of an outdoor bandstand.


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  • Band spectrum

    an optical spectrum consisting of groups of closely spaced spectral lines, characteristic of molecules. noun a spectrum consisting of a number of bands of closely spaced lines that are associated with emission or absorption of radiation by molecules

  • Bandstand

    a platform, often roofed, for outdoor band performances. a raised platform in a nightclub, restaurant, etc., used by the members of a band or orchestra while performing. Contemporary Examples Peter Christopherson made the leap to life on the bandstand and became a pioneer in the industrial music genre. The Golden Age of Rock Album Covers […]

  • Band-tailed pigeon

    a wild pigeon, Columba fasciata, of western North America, having a gray band on its tail. Historical Examples Among species likely to be exterminated in the near future are the wood-duck and band-tailed pigeon. Our Vanishing Wild Life William T. Hornaday

  • Band theory

    noun (physics) a theory of the electrical properties of metals, semiconductors, and insulators based on energy bands

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