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a matador’s assistant who sticks the banderillas into the bull.
Historical Examples

Maybe the banderillero even dreamt that a part of the swordsman’s fortune might fall into the hands of these god-children.
The Blood of the Arena Vicente Blasco Ibez

The banderillero took the jokes of the swordsman and his manager calmly.
The Blood of the Arena Vicente Blasco Ibez

One day Carmen sent for the banderillero to come to see her.
The Blood of the Arena Vicente Blasco Ibez

The banderillero assented with a nod while awaiting her question.
The Blood of the Arena Vicente Blasco Ibez

A banderillero sat on a chair and made the bull charge at him.
With the Battle Fleet Franklin Matthews

A banderillero now advances with a pair of the banderillas, or barbed darts, before mentioned.
With the World’s Great Travellers, Volume 3 Various

The eyelids of the banderillero rolled down heavily, and he slumped into a deep stertorous sleep.
The Wolf Cub Patrick Casey

The banderillero rose just as the bull reached him, planted his darts in the animal’s shoulders and leaped to one side.
With the Battle Fleet Franklin Matthews

The people seeing the banderillero forgot the injured man and congratulated him.
The Blood of the Arena Vicente Blasco Ibez

The second banderillero comes forward to plant his pair; a third is inserted and the trumpets sound for the final scene.
The Land of The Blessed Virgin; Sketches and Impressions in Andalusia William Somerset Maugham

noun (pl) -ros
a bullfighter’s assistant who sticks banderillas into the bull


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